Waterfront Dance Studio Samples And Sizes

Please see the Castle Dancewear rail at Waterfront Dance Studio changing room 1 for samples and sizes to help with your orders. Sizes and codes are available on garments. You can take a photo of these to help you remember what you need.                                               



Tips from Miss Niki,

Dance shoes should not be bought with "room to grow". Any extra space causes the feet to slip around causing detrimental muscle use. 

The soft nature of ballet shoe leather means the shoe will shape to the individuals foot and to some extent grow with them. You should probably only require 2 pairs per year.

All shoes must have the elastic strap in place before being worn to class and all drawstrings tucked in securely before each class as they are a trip hazard..

No satin ballet shoes for Waterfront Dance Studio as they are too slippery.          

No spilt sole ballet shoes in the junior school.

Please do not buy cheap supermarket alternatives which have no shaping them.

Protect your dancers feet.